A little broken but not gone

So my laptop broke about a week ago D:
It’s still running but keeps shutting itself down when i’m working, and has all sorts of issues. So that’s why I’ve been super quiet >_<

New awesomesauce laptop is on it’s way :D

Hopefully I will be back up and running and fully functional soon x

Anonymous whispered: When do you get on SL?

All sorts of times. But I try to keep to regular hours for my health. I live in the UK and I know many of my customers live in the US so I will do a few evenings a week where I stay up extra late.

Anonymous whispered: Where do you go to get your hair?

Oh all sorts of places!

I love love love me some lamb and clawtooth. There really are so many amazing hair stores out there but those 2 are my absolute must haves. 

Anonymous whispered: When you take photos of your avi, where are some places you enjoy going?

I actually don’t tend to leave my “hermit hole” very much. I take most of my photos at my own 2 sims, which is a shame really as there are SO many amazing beautiful sims out there to take pictures at. (Lol I need to get out more).

There’s actually a flickr group that I follow which is all about beautiful landscapes in SL, so if you want somewhere lovely to visit have a gander through these and have fun! 


Anonymous whispered: How did you find the place for your B I R D Y store? and for someone who is looking into buying land what website or tips would you give :)?

2 things are always on my mind when shopping for land. 

  • Price
  • Stability

You want to get yourself a good deal, but not SUCH a good deal that the person you’re buying/renting from disappears in a few weeks because they went bust. I’m not going to advertise for any particular land store but I will tell you that there are about 4-5 TOP land places that you will be able to find easily as they are so big, and have adds all over the place. They tend to own hundreds of sims rather than a handful , have 24 hour customer service etc. Its then down to what your personal needs are such as prim allowance and price.

Anonymous whispered: What is your favorite store? OH! and do you shop at any free stores?

I can’t pick just one with so many amazing stores out there. But I very recently made a list of my staple/go to stores for clothing to a previous question. As for free, free is always good. Who doesn’t love free? But I don’t find myself at many free stores (when I do leave my hermit hole to go shop) as I’m a creature of habbit and tend to visit the same favourite stores over and over, though I love me a good bargain and the best place to find those is events.

Anonymous whispered: You are so awesome! Thank you for answering my questions! Some people for some reason seem to not want to share their as you will "secrets" on how they create things. You are my inspiration<3

Thank you really, and you’re so welcome. I found it really hard to talk to people starting out, and no idea where to look for tutorials. But i’ve met some really inspirational people along the way who are more than willing to help and share. I think its a “I don’t want to share/hand out all my hard won knowledge when its taken blood,sweat and tears to find it myself”. The information is all out there, but its finding it. You will find people will give you hints, helpful tips and pushes in the right direction, but its yourself who has to do the blood,sweat and tears. I’m always happy to help with the tips and helpful links :)

Anonymous whispered: I find blender to be hard to work with.. (newbie here) Maybe I am to impatient or can't find the right tutorial that explains it fully. Is there a tutorial or a person on Youtube or a website that you would recommend that you used when you first started? Like I said I am a newbie but I am super interested :)

I totally understand. I found it a bit hard to work out at first, but once you get the basics down, especially hot keys and being comfortable with the UI it should all flow nicely. 

Here are some links to awesome blender tuts.

Hope this helps!

Anonymous whispered: The shirts that are off the shoulder and the collared shirts what are those called in SL. I am IN LOVE and would like to look into them.

I’m not entirely sure but if I had a picture I could possibly name the store they are from :)

Anonymous whispered: What is the name of the clothes you wear? Like what type of genre? Urban.. mesh.. ??

I have such a varied and large wardrobe in SL so I will name a few of my favourite staple/go to stores. 
As you may have noticed I’m a massive pastel fan x) Pastels here there, everywhere! Most of the clothes I wear now are Mesh but I still like to wear some “clothing layer” clothes with my mesh (like under tops and underwear).

Vive Nine, Tee*fy, The secret store, house of fox, villena, Tres blah, Mon tissu, ISON,Fashionably dead,Maitreya, Emery, Milk motion,  Color.Me.H.O.F., Deadwool. I’ve probably left out tons of awesome stores but those are what I can think of that I wear regularly :)

Anonymous whispered: Do you have any video tutorials? That would be rad if you could show us "newbies" some tips and tricks (:

I currently don’t have any and it hasn’t been something I’ve considered as I find my way of working a little…chaotic x) 

I’m not sure how well people would follow along with my disorganized way of working. I’m entirely self taught from watching videos and reading tutorials and so I cherry picked what I needed to know and threw it into a mish-mash of a process that is still lacking (I have a long way to go yet myself). However I have used livestream in the past and would consider streaming some of my work in zbrush :)

Anonymous whispered: Your work is BEYOND beautiful. For someone who is just starting out in designing with mesh and editing photo's what is the list of programs you recommend?

Thank you so much for the awesome compliment :)  Firstly I recommend Photoshop. I live and breath that program nothing can really compare with it. Though there are free alternatives such as gimp with more simple features.
As for 3D, an awesome free mesh program is Blender. I use it daily along side zbrush (which is not free). If you want to start simple and not break the bank blender is the best way to go IMO. I tend to use blender for creating buildings, fittings, and Zbrush for organic shapes such as animals as it is more like sculpting clay. It’s also great if you love painting as you can paint directly onto the mesh which is what I prefer.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous whispered: Do you have any plans on making tattoo layers for the Lola Mesh breast?

Yes I do :) It will be included in my new body modification package coming soon.

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